Fall and Stay Asleep


Our Daily Sleep Supplement combo pack, the Sleep Set includes our Fall Asleep which helps you doze off at the beginning of the night. It lasts around 3 hours, which is when Stay Asleep will kick in and last the rest of the night. Be sure to take Stay Asleep first, as it has a longer absorption period. Fall Asleep can be taken right as you get into bed.

Bundle size: 20 tablets

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Valerian Root

Works to induce to sleep faster and achieve deeper sleep by naturally stimulating GABA production.


Helps to relieve stress and calm the mind by stabilizing mood & promoting relaxation.


This amino acid helps to calm the nerves and actively reduce feelings of anxiety.

Regenerative Plant Extract

Safely helps induce a state of sleep by activating our body’s lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters.

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Bedtime Patch


For falling asleep, fast:

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30-Night Sleep Guarantee

Why choose Sandland

Made in the USA

Natural Ingredients

Clinically tested ingredients


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Our values

Why choose our Sleep Set? Because we believe in the power of a good night's sleep. 

Made in the USA

Safety is paramount, our products are all made in the US in state of the art facilities.

Clinically Tested Ingredients

Our natural ingredients are widely recognized by experts to aid with sleep, our unique formulation for daily use makes them unique.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

All natural ingredients, backed by years of usage across the world. No animal-testing.

Starry night

  • I sleep 8 hours, wake up feeling rested and with no fatigue during the day. I will definitely stick with it to see if my sleep pattern will change for the better.

    Jennifer P, Customer Since August 2021

  • "I sleep 8 hours, wake up feeling rested and with no fatigue during the day. I will definitely stick with it to see if my sleep pattern will change for the better."

    Kim C, Customer since June 2022

  • "I have tried all the Sandland products and while they are all helpful, the CBN sleep set is by far the most effective."

    Lance K, Customer since March 2023

  • "Tried most of the things and these are my new favorite little helper's! Nature's Xanax and I'm about it. You better believe I got me a subscription."

    Jennifer P, Customer Since August 2021


Meet the Dream Team

Dr. Armia Z. Abdo

Dr. Armia Z. Abdo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, entrepreneur, author, researcher, keynote speaker, teacher, and inventor. He is currently the CEO/Founder of DocPhyzio,

Advisor since 2020

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Fall Asleep


Our fast-acting pills calm your mind and body so healthy sleep comes quickly, without any intoxicating effects. Fall asleep faster, naturally.

3 mg melatonin

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When to take it

You can take Fall Asleep like any normal pill, the active ingredients work to calm your mind and body to ease you into sleep, without any intoxicating effects.


The full effects will wear off in 3 hours so once you’ve entered sleepland you won’t have any lingering drowsiness when you wake up.

Stay Asleep


Are sleepless nights leaving you tired and groggy? Say goodbye to tossing and turning with Stay Asleep Plus. Its natural formula helps you drift into uninterrupted slumber for up to 8 hours of relaxed sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the day!

3 mg melatonin

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When to take it

Simply take it one hour before bed with water.


Our stay asleep will begin to get absorbed by your digestive system and kick in an hour after you swallow it.

Can't sleep after drinking?
Here's why.

Let’s be honest, most of us have tried winding down with a drink or two before bed. And while it's true that alcohol has some sedative effects, most individuals will find they can’t sleep after drinking, or at least not very well.

A cold shower before bed:

Will it help me sleep?

Is taking a shower part of your before-bed routine? You're not alone. In fact, researchers celebrate this habit for helping regulate body temperature, stimulate blood flow, and get you to sleep faster. But a cold shower before bed? Well, that move isn't quite as popular.